VersaBadge Critical Access ED

VersaBadge is a state-of-the-art Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based Real Time Location System that tracks people and assets in hospitals. A network of beacons and receivers utilize our proprietary VersaBadge tracking algorithm to identify the location of people and assets without traditional issues related to signal bleed interference, broadcast lag times and line-of-sight.

This revolutionary, low-cost technology makes it easier for hospitals to invest in RTLS and enables Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) to streamline their CMS cost reporting procedures with more efficiency and accuracy than ever before.

VersaBadge-equipped CAHs can realize notable upticks in reimbursement for clinician standby time (Part-A Time on the CMS Cost Report) due to the detailed insights gained through the system as compared with legacy methods. Automated, precise data aggregation with detailed reporting reduces the propensity to underrepresent standby time and unburdens staff from manual time study responsibilities. CAHs are positioned to see rapid ROI while establishing an infrastructure for key RTLS capabilities throughout the hospital.